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Check out some of our current ACS Endorsees!

Jim Stapley
Evolve Live & Ambient Pack
"Using the ACS 'LIVE' system has completely changed my life. As a vocalist it is so important for tuning, but also the health of my voice and in turn the technique I use, to be able to hear myself"
Jasmine Thompson
Jasmine Thompson
Evolve Studio Custom
"The ACS team were friendly and helpful in choosing In Ear Monitors that were right for my first experience performing on big stages with big sounds. The sound is crystal clear and the fit means nothing from the outside world comes through. The guys at ACS even showed me how to fit a spare cable, just in case things go wrong on the road."
Jamie Michael Harris
Jamie Michael Harris
ACS T1 Live! & PRO15
"I've been using ACS T1 IEMs and Pro 15 protection for four years in a range of theatre and live performance settings. The T1 Live! system allows me to control the volume and presence of my sound and hear subtle verbal cues from my surrounding band. A game-changing piece of kit."
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia
T1 Live & PRO 15
"I've been using ACS products on every single gig I've played for the last 5 years. T1′s are great sounding in ear monitors made to survive the heavy use and abuse they get put through when touring – I also love the fact I can wear them for hours on end with no discomfort. Pro15 earplugs are indispensable as a musician, I never leave the house without them!"
Tom Quayle
Tom Quayle
Evolve Live & Ambient Pack
"As soon as I was introduced to the Live! system I knew it was for me. It has totally transformed my live playing experience at shows and the sound quality and comfort are the best out there."
Mark Pusey
Encore Live
"I have been using ACS products for as many years as I have been a professional musician, I consider their products as important as the sticks I hold in my hands. With a commitment to the highest quality products on the cutting edge of Audio technology, ACS has everything anyone would ever need from a set of earphones!"
Jack Goodacre
ACS Pro 17 Custom
"Having ACS as an endorsee for Jack so early on his musical Journey is easily the most important relationship he will have. Looking after Jacks hearing will undoubtedly lead a long and enjoyable career free from hearing issues which plague so many musicians. I highly recommend this be the first investment in anyone's career."
Yasmin Ogilvie
Evolve Live Custom
"I have been using ACS earplugs for a few years to protect my hearing and their range of filters on offer have helped me adapt well to a variety of live performance situations. The IEM’s came highly recommended, the sound quality is fantastic, they are comfortable to wear and I can trust that they protect my hearing."
Gareth Smith
Pro 17 Custom
"ACS provide the perfect hearing protection for my work – rocking hard in bars and on festival stages; accompanying musical theatre; drumming in a comedy stand-up duo and symphonic concert bands. They are ideal for my role as educator too, highlighting individuals’ unique attributes and performances, getting me closer to students’ sounds."
Chris Thompson
Evolve Live Custom
"I have been using ACS T3 IEMs for over 6 years and I have never had a problem with them. As time went on my playing matured and my knowledge grew, I felt I had to change my IEMs. I tried a few different brands but I wasn't satisfied for various reasons. Thank you to the guys at ACS for introducing the new Evolve Live IEMs to me! I got myself a pair and they sound fantastic. It sounds like I have a studio in my ears, it's that clear. The attention to detail they put into the IEMs is phenomenal."
Carl Doggett
Evoke Studio & Pro Customs
"ACS saved my career…………I have been deaf in my left ear since I was 2 years old and I have suffered from tinnitus in my only good ear since I was in my mid 20's.I am currently using the ACS Pro 17 moulded ear plugs which are the flattest response filter in the ACS Pro range, clarity is everything and for me this is the best yet ! It’s designed specifically for musicians and vocalists, and it really is a revolution in custom hearing protection."
Tim Smart
Encore Live & Ambient Pack
"What really drew me to the Encore Live! IEMS was the live ambient option. As a trombone player, the two biggest put-offs for IEMS is the ‘fingers in your ears’ experience while you play, and having to be reliant on whatever the monitor engineer sends you. Having the option of introducing and controlling the ambient sound means that you are much more in control of what you hear."